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Family life definitely goes through cycles. The times in which I feel absolutely mired in the swamps of bickering, when all I seem to hear are shrieks of outrage over imagined slights,  I find myself having to struggle not to get sucked right into the negative mood. It’s hard not to begin questioning all of my choices, all of my parenting, not to mention my choice to homeschool. Sometimes the togetherness that seemed so valuable begins to feel like an experiment in compromises, a neverending battle of the personalities, with me as overburdened peace negotiator. Add a few shnooty noses ( I just can’t stand the sound of that sniveling, get a kleenex already!), weather too cold for much outdoor fun, and the natural obstinance that goes along with several developmental stages, and I have to admit that the outlook was starting to seem quite bleak.

So it was with a certain grim fortitude that I began my day today, only to happen upon two sisters playing piano together, two brothers of vastly different ages, personalities, and interests just hanging out, and the sounds of plans being made.

True, I’ve also heard doors slamming, escalating complaints, and a few It’s not fair! s, but I have to remind myself to notice the positive moments as well.


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