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It’s Been Fun

The kids have been off school for a couple of weeks, and I’m reminded again of how good it feels when we’re all together during the holidays. No schedules, no commitments, no rushing off to diving practice, no feeling the pressure of having to accomplish anything, everyone so relaxed. The kids were so excited about our little family feast project, and it morphed into a 2-day affair, what with the planning and slow, careful meal prep. When do we ordinarily have 2 whole days to commit to an idea like this? Well, the Littles and I do, but it doesn’t happen so often with the big kids anymore. It’s been nice having them home.

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Making ravioli was trickier than I thought it would be. It took us hours. Mostly because of ineptitude with the dough squeezer flattener. The dough kept ripping and getting all bunched up in the machine, and we had to throw out a batch or two until we sorted out the correct ratio of flour/water/oil for maximum flexibility and strength minus the stickiness. We had Tee turning the handle while I fed in the dough, and R cradled it as it came out. Jay and her friend M kept up constant critical commentary from the sides. After we mastered the dough rolling, the actual ravioli stuffing was even trickier, and we ended up with many under-filled pockets. Still, we ended up with actual homemade ravioli, so it was a resounding success.

The trifle was a huge hit too. Looks like New Years Family Feast is a tradition in the making…


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