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Insulation Experiment

Bare Hand In Ice Water

With Blubber

The blubber was Crisco. I was trying to show the kids how a layer of blubber keeps arctic mammals warm in icy water.

Then I forced Tee to look up the word insulation in the dictionary, and we did an experiment with glasses of boiling water, to see what kind of material around the house would keep the water hot the longest. Of these materials: towel, tinfoil, leather, and winter jacket, the winter jacket won. Phew! I can just imagine how these two would look wearing tin foil all winter.

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This is a fun art idea.

Cut a black and white picture in half, and glue to a page. Try to draw the other half. L did this cat for homework last night. I think I’ll try it with the Littles.

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Disclaimer: I understand nothing at all about the political system either in Canada or the United States.

That being said, I feel really strongly that we should keep the results of all voting and polling done prior to the day of the actual election a secret. As human beings, we’re all sheep, and terribly influenced by the actions of the group. If we read of one candidate’s lead increasing, that will affect how we vote. I think it would be better if we were able to gather information about each of the platforms, and vote without any information about how the rest of the country was planning on voting.

Doesn’t the man behind the media curtain already have enough power?

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Jay spotted a little rabbit in the backyard over the weekend, and has since taken it upon herself to keep “her” well fed. Here she is making it a salad. Lucky bunny.

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