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┬áThe kids gamely spent the afternoon cleaning out the basement playroom, which was so atrociously, unbelievably messy that I couldn’t bring myself to photograph it. I substituted with this shot of a less messy part of the basement.


Every once in a while I went down to see how they were doing, and each time, I found them involved in yet another make-believe game sparked by the discovery of some long-lost bit of a toy. I would hear them giggling and shrieking, and I’d walk in and they’d look at me blankly, having totally forgotten the purpose of their exile.

I’d remind them, they’d get back to work, and not long after, the fun would begin again. The work was getting done, and they were having a good time, but the room just wasn’t being cleaned fast enough for me. Instead of listening to them having fun and enjoying it, I got more and more irritated, until I went in and barked at them. Then all three of us got to work, but the atmosphere went right downhill. I was a party pooper, and I wrecked it. It went from a work party to plain old work.

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