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Making the cake


7 loot bags, all nicely wrapped. Loot presents, for a bit of a change this year.


Bowling trophy. It goes against today’s parenting ethos which insists that Nobody’s a Loser, but my kid has a terribly competitive streak. He keeps mental score at his basketball games even though the league insists on no-score games in his age group. The first thing he says after a game is what the score was, and who won. He saw this trophy, which has been engraved to say :

#1 Bowler Tee’s 9th Birthday 2008

and he said “I hope I win!” I reminded him that if any of the other bowlers won, he could see the trophy at their house when he went over to play. The trophy looks to be vintage 1970’s. It’s from a thrift store. It might not even be a bowling trophy, now that I look at it more closely. That ball looks quite small. Maybe it’s bocce.

The cakes came out of their pans (phew!), and are cooling, ready to be transformed into an edible bowling lane. We found bowling pin candles, and bought gumballs to use as the bowling balls. Very exciting. One of the cakes is uneven, and the other is about half the height of the first, because Tee accidentally added too much liquid to the batter, but icing always saves the day, and 9-year old boys aren’t the most discriminating of guests, so I think it’ll be okay. Tee thought up the cake design, and drew up scale diagrams, intricately labeled, with gummi bear stand-ins for his party guests. I’m looking forward to helping him decorate it!

Now that the older two are sophisticated and jaded, I’m extra-appreciative of the innocent eagerness with which Tee is preparing for this party. I’m acutely aware of how soon he’ll be too old to wear the I’m The Birthday Boy pin that we found at Superstore yesterday. R is turning 14 in a couple of weeks, and he wasn’t even sure that he wanted to have a party. Little Miss Jay went to her friend’s 6th birthday party yesterday, and I felt almost nostalgic when I saw the balloons and party dresses and crying toddler siblings. Birthday parties are the sorts of things that, like diapers, seem endless. Then all of a sudden, they’re gone. Gotta keep reminding myself of the fleetingness of it all….

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