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L wanted to go to school this year, and by all accounts, seems to be having a fine time, but as the end of grade 6 approaches, she’s more and more certain that she wants to homeschool next year. Mostly it’s because she doesn’t like the way school eats up her whole day. She’s got a long list of things she’d like to do (volunteering at the Humane Society, taking french lessons, playing with friends, watching birds….) that she doesn’t have time for right now, and she realizes that she could get enough school work done in the morning at home, leaving afternoons open. She’s quite intentional about it, saying that she would like us to come up with yearly, monthly, and weekly goals that she could work on independently (at a desk she envisions me installing in her room), even planning on trying to finish 3 years of work in 2 so that she could start grade 10 at R’s highschool a year early.

Her teacher asked me which school she’d be attending next year, and when I said she’d likely be at home, the teacher was aghast. I was quick to tell her that it had nothing to do with her teaching or L’s experiences in her class, but she still seemed concerned. She told me that L was an exemplary student, that she was a tremendously positive presence in the class, and that I should consider more than her needs when I made this decision. She went on to say that the public schools system needed more kids like L, and that I should think of the greater good.

I’m not often dumbfounded, but I was then. What to say? What to think?

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Bowling Lane Cake


The picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s hard to get an appreciation for the 3-Dness of the cake¬†in this shot. I hope it lasts overnight,¬†because the party isn’t until tomorrow afternoon. Check out the gummy bear bowlers. A few of them look like they’re sinking into the icing. The black bowling ball is a little candle. Isn’t it cute?

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