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Happy 9th Birthday Tee!


Just to shake up my kids’ perception of me as a non television watching, electronics eschewing, whole grain eating earth mama, I bought Tee a cheap hook-up-to-the-TV-Dance-Dance-Revolution-knock-off for his birthday. It’s got grainy graphics, annoying tunes, and foot beats that don’t quite match up to the music beats, but he loves it. Best of all for this third child is the opportunity to own a coveted toy that the other kids will beg to be able to use. I know that the rest of the kids in the western world own PS2s, Game Boys, Game Cubes, and Guitar Hero, but for my guys, this is the ultimate in cool. It was worth dragging the TV out of the closet for.

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Watch it! Watch it! Watch it!

The lead actress is the cutest thing ever. The dialogue is reminiscent of the Gilmore Girls, only edgier. The relationship between pregnant teen and dad is heartwarming. The soundtrack is adorable.

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