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Dive Meet Day Three

Phew! It’s over. L is extremely pleased with herself, because she got national qualifying scores on 3M and 1M springboards. I’m pleased that she’s pleased, and also pleased that life can now return to normal. No diving practice tomorrow, but then back to the pool on Tuesday.

Both Tee and Jay went to Florida with their dad this weekend, so I got a bit of a taste of things to come. Having just an 11-year old and a 13-year old around was quite liberating. We all decided what to make for dinners, I didn’t have to supervise any brushing of teeth, or break up any petty squabbles. It was like having roommates. R volunteered at the meet yesterday and hung out with a friend today, and there was no arranging needed for the little ones, so it was easy peasy.

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Dive Meet Day Two


Another long day at the pool. I find it quite amazing that these kids do what they do. I try to imagine myself at age 10 or 11, and I’m quite sure that I would have caved under the self-imposed pressure to succeed. Even now, the thought of performing like that, in front of critical judges and stands (semi)full of spectators makes me feel a little queasy. It’s not like a team sport, where the action is continuous and the responsibilty is shared amongst many players. No sirree. That diver is up on those boards alone, and there’s no one to blame if the dive doesn’t go well. Luckily, L and her team mates seem okay with it. I angst and worry on their behalf, but they take the ups and the downs with surprising aplomb.  

I kept telling other parents that I don’t feel nervous when L dives, and I really thought that was true, but after her 3M event today I had such a headache that it could only have come from the tremendous internal tension I was denying. It vanished shortly after, which just adds weight to that theory. Too bad those massage tables were off limits to parent volunteers…..


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