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Facing My Phobia

It’s mouse killing time.

I’ve been reluctant to use live traps on my little rodent visitors, because they make my kids cry, and because I abhor the idea of dealing with the stiffened bodies, but ever since the back of the under-the-sink kitchen cabinet was cut away to deal with the frozen water pipes a month ago, I’ve had signs of mice everwhere. Last night I heard rustlings and scamperings somewhere inside my kitchen, even when I was in there, with all the lights on, making loud, scary banging noises. This morning I saw evidence of mice on plates inside the cupboard, and scattered amongst the tea towels in their drawer. Uggh.

Right after dinner tonight I set a mini mousey guillotine up under the sink and baited it with extra stinky cheese. Just now I heard a snap. I shudder at the thought of going in to the kitchen and opening that cupboard. The only other time I killed a mouse this way the mouse and the trap were 3 feet away from where the trap had been set, and there was a gruesome trail of blood over the floor. In my horrified imagination, the little mouse had gnawed off it’s foot and then died of blood loss, but as it turned out, he bled out from a scalp laceration.

Now I have to be extra brave and go face what I’ve done. I need to dispose of corpse #1 and re-set that trap.

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Castle Building


Tee got the coolest present for his birthday. In lieu of yet another “castle guy” to add to his collection of knights, horses, kings, footsoldiers and archers, Oma and Opa bought him this great kit. It’s a set of plans for the construction of a toy castle, and it has a mould for making the actual bricks.


The instructions warn that all architects and builders need to be patient, which was good advice, because so far Tee has only made 2 of the 22 sets of bricks necessary for completion of the castle. Yay! A long project! He’ll have to make the bricks, glue them together, and paint them. Then add fun scenery details. If he really gets into it we can go buy more plaster, and he can use the brick moulds to make tons of bricks, and then design and construct other buildings. Visions of medieval cathedrals dancing in my head…Oh oh. This is a bad sign. I’m getting more excited about this project than he is. It’ll probably end up being me making little peasant huts out of plaster bricks, and making wee little trees out of twigs and moss…

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