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….the highlight of your day is having time to clean.

I cleaned out the snack cupboard, the entry closet, AND the two drawers of the Messy Counter (it used to be the messy drawer, then the messy drawers, and then the mess crawled over the entire counter.) Jay was busy playing “art factory” with her friend, Tee was busy feeling sick and moaning on the couch, and I had done what I thought was a heroic amount of outloud reading, so I embarked on a little tidying. I had intended on fixing the upstairs toilet, but when I couldn’t manage to wrench the doodad out of the whatsit I had to channel my frustration somewhere.

If only I could find the time to do one extra little job every day, on top of the usual dishes/laundry/picking up/driving around/making meals routine. THEN my house would be clean. I would love a clean and organized house.

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