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More Skating

DSCN1565I left the house first thing this morning for a solo skate. Two of the kids were making cinnamon toast, one was rather grumpily reading the paper, and one was still in bed. The sun was just rising, and initially, I had the whole of the river to myself.

Complete bliss. Skating along at my own speed, with miles of track ahead. Once in a while I passed people walking their dogs, and there were a few early morning runners, but no one to skate around. The ice wasn’t perfect, and I had to keep my head down to watch out for ruts and cracks, so I didn’t get to enjoy the riverbank sights much, but I sure did enjoy the speed. I felt like I could go forever. Sheer joy.

Yesterday when I took the kids skating, there were lots of people enjoying the ice, which was nice too. I saw parents pulling babies in sleds, dogs pulling their people, toddlers decked out in full NHL gear, couples, families, and groups of teenagers. Cross-country skiers and runners used the trails. I have quite the vantage point from my kitchen window, and I see commuters skating by every morning, with backpacks on their backs. I think it’s fabulous. This is the first year our river trail has been this long, and I love it.

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Our Skating Adventure

First, we laced up.

 Then we walked through the backyard, and slid down the riverbank.

 Then there was a small trudge through the snow to get to the path.

Look at the amazing path! It goes right by our house!

 We’re skating! Right by our house!

I can’t get over my excitement. It is the coolest thing ever, having a Rideau Canal in our backyard. I’m going to go skating tomorrow morning, instead of running. Yay! There is the small matter of getting back UP the river bank after skating, but even Jay managed it in her skates.

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