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Piece of Cake

This is the first winter that hasn’t seemed completely awful to me. It probably has something to do with the fact that I don’t have to do any more snowsuit duty, and I don’t have to deal with poopy diapers and snowsuits, and sweaty, crying kids waiting for help with zipping up, that I don’t have to go outside and scrape ice off the windows of the van now that I have a heated garage, that I can send the kids outside without having to go out there with them, and that I don’t have to leave my warm house to go pick anyone up from kindergarten, but I’d like to believe that it is also due to my increasing willingness to allow the seasons to dictate our activities.

I was going to say that today was a good example of my new embracing of the constraints of winter, seeing as I was flexible enough to allow a deviation from the planned afternoon schedule, and that I’m content to spend the day inside, but as I sit here writing, in the cosy warmness of my house, I realize that my new relaxed attitude is entirely due to the fact that I don’t have toddlers going stir-crazy around me. If I faced an afternoon of endless games of ring-around-the-rosy, or whatever it is that I used to do with them when we were stuck inside the house all day, I know that I would be grating my teeth and pressing my face up to the living room window to get a glimpse of the outside world.

Winter isn’t easier……life is.

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Big Brother’s Birthday

The -41 windchill was enough to convince the three of us not to walk to knitting today. We stayed inside, and in the morning, Tee baked extra-special chocolate sandwich cookies for R’s birthday while Jay worked on her math. The cookies were a special request from R. They’re extra-not-good-for-you, with a full cup of butter, half a block of cream cheese, whipping cream, a¬†whole bar of baking chocolate and a cup of sugar in them, so we don’t have them often. Last time I took a bite of one, I felt I might pass out from the intensity of the sugar/fat rush. R said he wanted them instead of a cake. A whole pyramid of them. And no, not at his birthday party. He didn’t want to have to share them with friends.
In the afternoon, we made cards, and decorated the box that has the birthday bicycle inside…..I hope spring comes early this year!

Happy 14th Birthday R!

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