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Fun in the Snow

the river feb 2009 016

Shoveling the river surface clean to make a skating rink. Skates already on. Shoveling goes much faster when skate-powered.

the river feb 2009 008

the river feb 2009 009

Making snow angels.

the river feb 2009 018

Running headfirst into a snow pile. On purpose.

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Facing Reality

In a follow up to the last post, a list of parenting jobs that I am good at and not-so-good at:

Things I Can Be Counted On To Do Well:

  • reading out loud
  • tolerating messes related to crafty or imaginative projects
  • baking
  • helping tidy and organize
  • playing board games or other games with definite rules and end times
  • drawing, coloring
  • science projects
  • building projects

Things That I Get Bored With Quickly:

  • pretend play of any kind (tea parties, dollies, knights, castle, bionicles)
  • playing outside
  • playing really of any kind
  • listening to an early reader read out loud
  • open ended games with no defined rules or end times
  • listening to detailed descriptions of movies, books, or computer games
  • actual involvement in crafty projects
  • anything that involves sitting still for too long and being the audience

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A Moment Squandered


Up at seven as usual. Cup of coffee, bite of toast, and then off to drop the girls at gymnastics and diving. On the way home it occurred to me that Saturday mornings would be the ideal opportunity to spend some time with just number two son. I vowed to myself to make it so.

Which is how I found myself playing the good guys in a battle of the Knight Figures.


I knew from the moment that I hunched down behind the wooden block barricade that I wouldn’t be able to sustain interest in the game for the time it took to play it, but I willed myself to try. I wanted so much to suspend my adult self for just an hour, to find some vestige of genuine interest in the toys before me. This gangly, giraffe-like eleven year old, with knobby ankles sticking out of too-short pyjama bottoms and wild unruly hair, this almost-teen, still earnestly involved in his make-believe world, and eager to invite me in, he’s not long for childhood.


But no. I couldn’t.

We waffled and fudged and he finally took pity on me and wandered off to read.


So much for good intentions.

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