Our Canoeing Adventures

Our adventures canoeing were amazing. We went to a portage spot and swam in the rapids.
That was really cool, because we got to be pushed around in the water.
It was a very sunny day when we went to the portage, so the water was as warm as ever!
Later on the return journey back we saw a beaver swimming in the water. It was dark brown, and very graceful.
After a couple moments the beaver got out of the water and went up a hill, and when we were about to leave it came scurring down with a twig in it’s mouth then it swam around for a second or two and then disappered into it’s lodge. When we where turning around to leave we saw debarked twigs all in the same area so we thought that was one of it’s eating area’s. the whole thing was amazing and then on the way back we saw a loon family it had the two parents and two babys, it was beautiful.
It was a really fun part of our trip

by Jay

Cliff Jumping

When we were camping at Tulabi Falls we diceded we would try CLIFF JUMPING.
So we we found the regular spot and tried it out, the lowest spot was about 1 and a half meters tall, the second i have no clue, and the tallest was just under 7 meters, plus there were a couple in between.
Of course all the kids jumped off every single one, and mom jumped off the highest!!!
You just jumped off and then there was nothing you could do but wait until you hit the water. When you jumped off the highest you could say a full sentence before you hit the surface, it was really cool!
and when you were too cold to jump any more you could just sit on the warm rock.
Cliff jumping was proably one of the most fun things we did at Tulabi Falls.

by Jay

Cliff Jumping

Time to dive back in?


Fun in the Snow

the river feb 2009 016

Shoveling the river surface clean to make a skating rink. Skates already on. Shoveling goes much faster when skate-powered.

the river feb 2009 008

the river feb 2009 009

Making snow angels.

the river feb 2009 018

Running headfirst into a snow pile. On purpose.