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my birthday 2009 005

It can be tricky to find times to connect with all four of the kids every day, especially the older two, who are so busy with their own lives.

Which is why I get up a full hour before I really have to.

I set the alarm before the sun gets up so that I can wake R. He could set his own alarm, and make his own breakfast, and he’d be out of the house and off to the uni. before the little ones even got out of bed, but he asks me to wake him. Every morning I go down to the kitchen, put the kettle on, then go down to the basement grotto where he has his adolescent den before heading back to my room to get my running stuff on.

We meet at the kitchen table after he has his shower, and we read the paper together.

Very often nothing is said. He’s not much of a morning person. Or a talker.

But words probably aren’t what he’s after.

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