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The second trip to the Big Library in 3 days, and this time I found a totally unexpected surprise….the new David Sedaris book When You AreĀ  Engulfed in Flames. It was one of three Recent Bestsellers (which can only be taken out for a week and can’t be renewed and cost two dollars a day if they’re overdue) that I couldn’t leave the library without.

It totally made up for the parking garage ticket being called “unreadable” by the machine, and having to press the Help button, and then having to explain my dilemma to the voice on the speaker over the sounds of my 7-year old shrieking, “Mom, drive! Drive! There’s a whole lineup of cars behind us!” and then getting out of the van to explain my situation to the people in line behind us while we waited to be rescued.

As a testament to the differences in personalities between my children, Tee was also in the car when this happened, but he had to be told about the event when we got home.

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