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Jay (age 7):  Mom, do you believe that the Canadian warriors in Afghanistand (sic) are important?

Me: AfghanisTAN.

Jay: Yah, that’s what I said, Afghanistand. Well do you?

Me: Well, that’s a tricky question. It’s complicated. What do you think?

Jay: Yes. They’re important because they’re making peace. That’s what my teacher said.

Me: If a Canadian soldier kills an Afghani soldier, and that soldier was a daddy, do you think his children would like the Canadian soldier very much?

Jay: No.

Me: So it’s complicated. When you say that they’re fighting for peace, what does that mean?

Jay: I don’t know.

Then we had a discussion about peace and pacifism and fighting and protecting ideals. Now my little daughter is a whole lot less clear than she was when she came home for lunch, but I think that’s appropriate. I don’t think that a subject like war should be simplified, even for second-graders.

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