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Card Shark


I learned something new yesterday. How to play poker. Tee taught me. We would have played all morning if I hadn’t called for a science break.


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Cutthroat Concentration

DSCN0802Jay and I were playing this really boring kids card game, and I was getting really bored, because it was boring, boring, boring, so I decided to teach her Concentration. You know that old classic, where you match up pairs of cards. I thought it would be super hard for little Miss Jay, so I warned her not to get upset if she lost.

Turns out she beat me easily, so naturally, I’m all amazed and thinking I have a girl genius on my hands. She was just grabbing pairs out of thin air, and I was honestly flabbergasted. I want a witness to this phenom, so I immediately try to corrall big bro R into a challenge match. He of course, is too busy playing Guild Wars on the computer to participate, so I grab L. No way you can beat Jay I say. She’s a genius. In fact, if you beat her, you can have a Kinder Surprise. Well, that was too good a deal to pass up. I told Jay she was just playing for the sheer joy of the game. No Kinder Surprise for her.

Well, Jay does beat L, by a narrow margin, but when L challenges her to a rematch, Jay says no. L calls her a chicken, and Jay bursts into tears and flees to the couch. I realize, of course, how much pressure I’ve put on the poor thing, calling her a genius and all, but what’s done is done, so when L asks if I want to play, I say sure.

We play a lightning fast round, I’m soundly beaten, and L says to me I hate to say this mom, but Jay’s not a genius, you’re just really……..bad.

I guess my memory’s just not what I remember it being.

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Rays of Light

Such a cool game! I picked it up at a thrift store for all of 20c. It teaches about primary/secondary colors as well as angles of reflection, and sure gives those critical thinking skills a workout. I know it’s a hit when big bro R joins in.

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