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Family Traditions

Each family has it’s own traditions. They’re important, these rituals that can be counted on. They’re the glue that hold the unit together.

Some families make a point of eating dinner together as often as they can. That would be nice. Or Family Game Night. A great idea, but not practical in this family of individuals with very different interests. Even Friday  Pizza and Movie Night, a longstanding tradition, has eroded away under the relentlessness of impinging activities and outside interests, not to mention the impossibleness of trying to find a movie that a. they haven’t already seen and b. they’re all interested in.

No, this family’s tradition is a little less about family fun time and more about family-sharing-the-burden time.

Every other Sunday morning I get the kids up at some agreed upon time and we all clean the house.

They’ve been doing this since the youngest was 2 and the oldest 9. I used to try to get them to clean up every day, and found that I was constantly nagging and pointing out stray socks or hearing about how the lego tower needed to be right where it was because it was a work in progress. We were always arguing about it because I like a neat house, and the kids could care less.

So now I keep the kitchen spotless, and my own room tidy, but ignore the rest of the house. I step over piles of clothes in Tee’s room, turn a blind eye to the balls of unravelled yarn in the living room and say nothing about the books and magazines strewn over every horizontal surface we own. Sometimes if my anxiety level gets too high, I do a quick tidy, maybe straighten the blankets on the couch, but I’ve gotten really good at letting the house slide down the entropic slope of messiness because I know that every other Sunday, it all gets cleaned up, every last speck, and for at least a blissful hour or two I can revel in the house of my dreams. I know that the kitchen floor will be mopped, the toilets will all be scrubbed, and the library books will be separated from the books on the shelf. I don’t have to nag, and I don’t even have to assign jobs, because the kids made up a rotating list of chores.

Not the kind of tradition that sells Hallmark cards, but it works for me!



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