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My Drawing…..by Jay


This is a vuilet   green swallow .  I drew it. and colerd it.

mom helped me out line it.

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This Afternoon


Once a week, we walk Jay to knitting. It’s a drop-in class at the local second-hand shop. L used to go, and Jay used to come with me to drop her off. Jay used to sit quietly, mesmerized by the knitters, while I browsed for clothes. Now it’s her turn to take the class, and she loves it. She loves the act of knitting, the scarf that get’s longer and longer, and the chance to sit and chat with the other little knitters.

Tee has no interest in knitting, but he likes these days too, because after we pick Jay up, we go for a hot chocolate.

Cosy, huh? I love the way the yarn looks on the shelves. All those colors….

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Rarin’ to Go

My friend Angie is a self-described bush chick. I thought I would post a picture of this little wannabe. Firewood anyone?


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