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By Jay


I love pomagranits!

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My Art….by Jay

Remember when I started that cool drawing? Now I’m finished. It looks way bigger than when I started. It took me a long time to color it all in. I stopped for a while, and then I finished all the rest in one day. I’m starting an art factory in my room. I’ve got seven pieces of art. One of them is a snake slithering up a tree. In a different picture I have four snakes and one crow. There’s another bird that’s all blue. I used to think I wanted to be a writer, and now I want to be an artist.


 Editor’s note: dictated to Mom

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Piano Lesson……by Jay


I am so icsited I get my first piano lesson L is my teacher she is very nice I got alot of home work five pages.I like piano!

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School…..by Jay


Hay can anywunn of you get  this question? 10 x 10 -60 +5 + 5+10 -15 x10 -10 +40 =        by Jay

Editor’s note: I would have thought that they would play anything other than “school” after school. Jay was the teacher, and Tee was the principal.

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My Drawing….by Jay


I do not like draing joking I love draing.Its fun to draw the tip of drawing I did. I scribiled and I culired the rest. Here is anather picsher.

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My Baby Blankie……by Jay


my blankie is vaere spashill becase I have hade it fore sixs yers.

Editor’s note: thanks Oma!



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At school thers bares I love tham. And I also like the manke bares. Its good pracdis for jimnastics.  

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