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My Obsessions

I’ve been tagged by Elena to reveal my obsessions/addictions. She tagged me ages ago, and I’ve had a mental block about it. It’s the hardest meme I’ve had to do so far, not exactly sure why. I’m usually all over the idea of plumbing the depths of my psyche, so why am I finding this so tough?

Okay. Here goes. Off the top of my head.

  1. Crosswords. I get a big-brain newspaper during the week, but subscribe to the local paper on the weekends just so that I can do the New York Times Sunday Crossword. When I first started doing them, I felt accomplished if I managed to fill in a quarter of the squares, but now I can usually just about finish them. I once read a David Sedaris story in which he said that the mental power required to complete a Sunday Crossword is roughly equivalent to that used by Uri whats-his-name (and I should know it because it comes up in the crossword a fair bit) to bend spoons. If you’ve never read David Sedaris, I highly recommend his books. I don’t have a very easily aroused sense of humour, and his stories, which are autobiographical, were so funny that I found myself laughing out loud when I was reading them. Laughing to the point of hysteria, tears running down my cheeks and all. I read one book, and then bought every other one I could find.
  2. Spinach. Okay, not exactly an actual addiction, because I don’t experience withdrawal symptoms if I don’t eat it, but if I’m ever making a meal for just me, the first thing that pops into my head is spinach. I’ve loved it since I was a kid. My mom used to make creamed spinach. Yum. I don’t like raw spinach much, but if it’s steamed, it’s fabulous. My love of spinach has now extended to a love of all leafy greens, except mustard greens, which are much too piquant for my liking. But kale, bok choy, yu choy? Bring it on.
  3. Boots. I’ve loved them forever, but until recently, only admired them from afar. I’m not talking snow boots, or rubber boots (even though I do kind of enjoy wearing my rubber boots, especially with shorts. It’s an interesting look), I’m talking BOOTS. These boots were made for walking, and walking’s what I’ll do, these boots were made for walking and I’ll walk all over you…..THOSE kind of boots. It takes a certain panache to wear boots. I used to see them on other girls and envy them for knowing which boot to buy, and which outfit to wear them with, and every time I passed a shoe store in the mall, I would go and look and fondle, but I didn’t buy any until this year. I now have a pair of boots that I love, that I wear all the time, and they make me feel FABULOUS.
  4. Exercise. Gotta have it. I used to swim laps until my over-rotated shoulders gave out, and then I switched to running. See the theme? Solitary, mindless, heart-rate-increasing activity. I don’t so much enjoy doing it as have to do it, which makes it pretty much an addiction, doesn’t it? It’s not about training for a marathon, or even so much for staying in shape. More for the mood-stabilizing effects. It’s all about the endorphins, man. And the time inside my own head.
  5. My Bed. It’s got two fluffy feather duvets, and five pillows, and when I sink into it at night, I’m in bliss.

Maybe the reason that I found this so hard to do is because I know how simple of a person I am, and how simple a life I lead. It makes for a pretty boring list. I could, I suppose, go dredge up some photos from Flickr to make it at least visually appealing, but I think I’ll go cross some things off my To Do list instead.

Or, wait, here’s David Sedaris on Letterman.

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because I’m IT again. Tagged by Vanni B at Blink and Breathe. I know, I’m a donkey.

1. I didn’t drink coffee at all until last year. Now I drink it on Saturday and Sunday mornings on an empty stomach while I’m doing the crossword right before a run.

2. I think I eat way too much cheese.

3. I wear my kids’ socks.

4. One time in university I was cramming for an exam in wave (or was it particle) physics (a course I should never have taken, as it was completely beyond me), and got completely frustrated by one particular type of problem. That night I had a dream in which I showed myself how to do it.

5. That was the same night that I drank a six-pack of Jolt Cola in order to get a caffeine buzz. It didn’t help me stay awake.

6. I loathe having my hair cut. I hate the attention, and I hate feeling the pressure to make conversation.

7. I enjoy the taste and chalky texture of chewable children’s Tylenol. When they’re sick, and I give them their dose, I take one for myself.

I don’t know who else to tag, so I’ll just put the possibility out there for anyone in the blogosphere who hasn’t had a crack at it. Or, any non-blogging readers, I’d love to read 7 of your things in a comment.. (Michelle!)

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The Weekend Countdown

  • 12 muffins baked, 12 phone calls fielded

  • 11 minutes of guitar practiced

  • 10 dollars given

  • 9 rooms cleaned

  • 8 requests denied

  • 7 surfaces scrubbed

  • 6 meals made, 6 children’s Tylenol consumed, 6 miles run, 6 hours spent playing castle

  • 5 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded, and not put away

  • 4 girls attended sleepover

  • 3 pairs of footwear purchased, 3 movies watched

  • 2 birthday parties attended, 2 boardgames played, 2 snowmen built

  • 1 philosophy essay agonized over, 1 sore throat/ear infection suffered, 1 puzzle completed, 1 snowfall witnessed, 1 sleepwalker intercepted, 1 basketball game won

  • 0 jugs of milk left

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