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j polar bear 2009 014

..because it captures one of the many moods of this mercurial girl. Most of the photos I have of her show her beaming, because that’s her baseline, and it’s not often that I snap a shot of her like this. I look at this one and I know exactly what she’s about to say. It brings back the moment in a way that the smiley shots don’t.

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As the Mood Turns

It’s amazing what a difference 24 hours can make.

Yesterday I was happy, calm, the picture of beatific motherhood.

Today, not so much.

After 3 hours at the hot and noisy swimming pool, and a crawling drive through traffic on streets that had been scraped down to an icy varnish by the overnight street cleaning crew, passing car wreck after car wreck, semi-listening to the kids in the car, but mostly trying to see through the whirling snow, being blasted by the heater which now only has two settings; off or inferno, and more than a little hypoglycemic from the lack of breakfast, I finally made it in the door, only to be faced with the kitchen we left from the night before. Cookie crumbs, 5 different containers of sparkley decorations, every cookie sheet we own. Mixing bowls, spoons, non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening. Breakfast dishes. Bread bag open, bread still sticking out of the toaster. Jammy knives. The newspaper, torn apart and left in sheets all over the table. Sink full of dirty plates, floor covered in the jam spots and plasticine lumps that I didn’t scrape up last cleaning day. Smeary windows, spotty counters, sticky floor.

Coats on the stairs, wet towel in the mitten basket, backpacks open and lying in my way. Lunch still to make. No room on the counter.

I went to check on the boys, and saw the state of the living room. Same as the kitchen. Papers, books, pens, board game bits, uncleaned rabbit cage, blankets, socks. One teenaged boy lying in the same spot I left him in three hours before, hair all sticking up still from his pillow.

I knew it was situational. I knew it was all perspective. I knew that the house looked pretty much like this yesterday. I told myself to get a grip, look at the big picture, but I could feel that anger bubbling up. I felt it coming on. The foulest mood ever.

So I did the only thing I could.

I sat all four of them on the couch and told them that I was in a horrible mood. That after lunch we would all clean the house, that I did not want to hear even one tiny peep of complaint, that I would be in the kitchen, but that if they didn’t want to be yelled at, they shouldn’t go in there.

Every time they came in, I glared at them.

They thought it was the funniest thing ever.

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