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Where the…..


Sorry, Shel. I couldn’t resist.

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For the Grandparents


This is a pic of L at Nationals this summer. I like how you can see the spray coming off her toes. (Thanks M!)

This is a poem she wrote (reprinted with permission):


Girls draw hearts

Everyone has them

Boys stare at them on the page,

trying to figure out the mystery of girls’ minds

Hearts can be black, so people say

Can they be green, red, and grey?

What about purple?

Blue and gold too?

Are they different when they’re new?

When you’re sick, do they change?

 Are all people’s hearts the same?



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This Morning

Nov 22

It’s really amazing to watch flowing water freeze over. It started with small circles of ice at the river’s edge, then a few floating chunks of ice, then a lot of chunks, until it was hard to see the water underneath. Now it’s mostly all ice.

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