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kitchen oct 25 2008 007

This was taken at a random moment in the kitchen this afternoon. The results of R’s brownie baking, L’s experiments with using the inside bits of a felt-tip pen to make a dye for her Halloween costume, and J’s magazine clipping. It was a sudden, momentary pause in all of the activities. A sort of still life in homage to four children and their boundless energy.

On the radio today I heard about a man who took one picture a day for 18 years, the final one on the day that he died of brain cancer. I thought about the power of photos, and of the way a single image can transport us back to an exact moment in time. I thought about the photos I have of the sides of my childrens’ heads,  of their toes, and I’m grateful that I took them. It’s the everday pictures that I treasure the most, because they capture life as it really is, not the way we think it should be, or want it to be.

Funny how when I took this picture today, it was just a messy table, and now when I look at it, just a few hours later, it’s an object of beauty.

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Unintentional Art


I was watching the kids fooling around with the life-saving dummy at the pool, and started taking photos of them. This one really caught my attention because of it’s arty strangeness. There’s the symmetry of the bodies, the lack of any faces, and the odd pose. Also, the foot and arm reaching toward each other. I couldn’t have set it up better if I’d tried.


This was the next second. Much less spooky.

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A Fact of Life


Gymnasiums have terrible light.

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