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Family Feast

Went for a nightime skate today, and it was fun, fun, fun! Played shinny hockey, to the best of our limited and varied abilities, and then came home for hot chocolate.

Next on the agenda is our Gourmet Feast.

Big bro R has the menu planned out. I’ve already done most of the shopping. Tomorrow we begin by making some of the items ahead of time, and then Sunday we finish up, and EAT!

We’re having spanakopita, olive bread with balsamic vinegar/garlic oil dipping bowls, spinach/mandarin orange salad with poppy seed dressing, ravioli stuffed with roasted garlic and three cheeses and smothered in tomato sauce, with a berry trifle for dessert.

We’re making all of the items from scratch, including the pasta, so it’s definitely going to be a case of too many cooks in the kitchen, as well as complete chaos, but it’ll be fun. R is walking up to our local Italian specialty deli, to pick out the cheeses and olives, and L says that she’s the head of the Decorations Commitee. Jay wants to be a sous-chef, and Tee wants to be R’s right hand man.

 I don’t know quite what transformed my eldest son from the world’s pickiest eater to a lover of fine food, but when I asked him what he wanted to do over Christmas, this was what he came up with. Works for me!

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Practice, Practice, Practice


This knitting project started out as a scarf, and morphed into an irregularly shaped rectangle, but no worries. Jay was as pleased as could be with the outcome, and plans to use it as a dolly blanket. She wasn’t even concerned with the holes, because, as she said, “It just shows how much better I got at the end”. Good attitude. She says she’s going to use it until she doesn’t play with dolls anymore, and then store it somewhere safely so that she can show (not give) it to her kids when they’re having trouble learning something, so that they can see how she wasn’t perfect either.

Next up, a scarf. She’s already picked out the yarn.

Oh, and I was hoping to have her write a post about the knitting, but she refuses. Neither she nor Tee want anything to do with blogging right now. Team Effort is going to be pretty one-sided for a while……

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Color Mixing


The kids have been playing the Rays of Light game with an intensity bordering on obsession, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon, and seize the opportunity to cement their knowledge of primary and secondary colors.

I mixed up three jars of water and food coloring (red, blue, and yellow) and set three empty jars down between them. Then I gave the kids syringes and told them to make orange, green and purple. I gave them exact instructions, and then had them color in a photocopied color-mixing chart to demonstrate their knowledge. All well and good, but not exactly the thrill a minute I was hoping for.

Once the (“learning”) mission was accomplished, I set them loose with the colors and syringes. THEN the fun started. And, most likely, the learning. Guess what color I made? Look what happens when you mix all three colors! etc,etc. Will I never learn?


Capitilizing yet further on the excitement, I whipped up a batch of homemade playdoh, which I haven’t done since they were tots, and colored one blob blue, one blob yellow, and one blob red. Sorta, kinda, because they came out more pastelly than I would have liked, but the kids still had fun making all of the colors they could. Including “skin color”. It was creepily realistic. Remember when crayons had a skin color? Before someone realized that skin came in many colors?


I think today was a good example of my role as an unschooling guide. Observing the natural interest, and thinking up good ideas to stretch out the learning. Giving the kids materials, and letting them experiment. Letting go of my expectations for outcome. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

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Sewing Mania

Now it’s spread to Jay. Unfortunately, I’m the only one who’s able to thread a needle.


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Garden Shed Update III


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DSCN0624 This is me holding my first shuriken (or ninja star). Mom and I made it out of an old disk! It is for my Hallowen costume. I am being a ninja for Hallowen.

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Tee and Jay were inspired today by a fantastic, intricate, detailed city made out of plasticine. It’s a magic land we were told. Anything grows, and anything can happen. There were rivers, mountains, gardens, trees, houses and forts, a coliseum, an obelisk, and a chocolate factory.

Now Tee wants to build an Aztec city. Jay wants a regular sort of city. Both of them were spouting creative ideas non-stop the whole car ride home.

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