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I was tagged for a meme by BlueMilk, but I’m having a difficult time with it. I’m to post a bunch of quirks exhibited by my children, which you’d think would be a pretty easy task for a mother of four, but almost everything they do and say seems quirky to me, so it’s hard to pick just a few. Not a day goes by that I don’t think Who knew that he/she thought that way? They’re so weird! Could be that it’s easier to think of cute quirks when the kids are very young (and still cute). Now they’re closing in on adulthood, and their quirks are real personality issues, so not quite as charming.

I finally decided to limit the quirks to one per child. Here goes:

  • R has an aversion to any food that has butter, milk, or honey in it because of the shock he experienced (at age 3) when he realized where these foods come from. In what he fully understands as a paradox, he’s quite comfortable with eating meat.
  • T can’t stand having his toenails cut. It’s discomfort so acute that it borders on actual pain.
  • J, aged 7, has been reading since age 3, copying words out of books since age 2, and can do grade 6 level math, but still writes capital J backwards.
  • L couldn’t spell for the life of her until she entered grade 6 at school, where she suddenly became such a champion speller that they give her French word lists to master. It’s a complete surprise to both of us.

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because I’m IT again. Tagged by Vanni B at Blink and Breathe. I know, I’m a donkey.

1. I didn’t drink coffee at all until last year. Now I drink it on Saturday and Sunday mornings on an empty stomach while I’m doing the crossword right before a run.

2. I think I eat way too much cheese.

3. I wear my kids’ socks.

4. One time in university I was cramming for an exam in wave (or was it particle) physics (a course I should never have taken, as it was completely beyond me), and got completely frustrated by one particular type of problem. That night I had a dream in which I showed myself how to do it.

5. That was the same night that I drank a six-pack of Jolt Cola in order to get a caffeine buzz. It didn’t help me stay awake.

6. I loathe having my hair cut. I hate the attention, and I hate feeling the pressure to make conversation.

7. I enjoy the taste and chalky texture of chewable children’s Tylenol. When they’re sick, and I give them their dose, I take one for myself.

I don’t know who else to tag, so I’ll just put the possibility out there for anyone in the blogosphere who hasn’t had a crack at it. Or, any non-blogging readers, I’d love to read 7 of your things in a comment.. (Michelle!)

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