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Nuts For Nutella

isla mujeres trip 2009 276

We had lots of yummy food when we were in Isla Mujeres.
I don’t really love coconut milk, and nor does big boy R, but he knocked it back so that the vendor could crack it open. The meat was sold in plastic bags, sprinkled with chili powder and spritzed with the juice of the ubiquitous lime.

isla mujeres trip 2009 029

Every day meant a trip to the local market for a pineapple, some mangos, some avocados, and some limes.

isla mujeres trip 2009 043

Every morning, fresh pastries.

isla mujeres trip 2009 031

The market had a butcher.

isla mujeres trip 2009 030

Look at their faces. The entrails and claws and hooves in plastic waste buckets were what they found really horrifying.

isla mujeres trip 2009 023

Here’s Tee, the first one up on the first morning there, eating croissants.

isla mujeres trip 2009 369

If we couldn’t find what we were looking for at the market, there was a grocery store close by that had a bigger selection.

isla mujeres trip 2009 050

Strange, unidentifiable sweets…

isla mujeres trip 2009 044

Mexican breakfast cereal…

isla mujeres trip 2009 046


isla mujeres trip 2009 076

…and Mexican Cheetos, which are very spicy and much yummier than ours.

isla mujeres trip 2009 088

There were lots of street vendors…

isla mujeres trip 2009 374

..there was freshly squeezed orange juice…

isla mujeres trip 2009 315

…and although R never did get to eat a fish taco, I took both of the meat eaters out for a seafood lunch.

isla mujeres trip 2009 133

One vendor sold hot caramel crepes that were simply divine. Every night we kept going back for more, and then we branched out to the deep fried dough sticks. The crepe maker also sold crepes filled with Nutella and melted cheese, which seemed strange until we saw people eating corn cobs covered in sugar. It seemed that there was a sweet/savory kind of thing going on. Also, an island-wide addiction to Nutella. One little diner-style restaurant offered this dish:

isla mujeres trip 2009 301

Not that unusual, I guess, but what about this?

isla mujeres trip 2009 299

Or this?

isla mujeres trip 2009 300

Crazy, man.

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isla mujeres trip 2009 432

Maybe I’m simply revealing myself to be a woman totally out of the loop, but an ipod vending machine? Who knew?
I took a picture of a docking station too. I’ve never seen one of those before either.

isla mujeres trip 2009 436

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A Year Away

I’ve long harboured the urge to pack the kids up and take them on a year-long travel experience. I grew up on a small island in Indonesia, and spent a big chunk of my childhood traveling throughout Asia, and I would have liked my kids to have at least a bit of that kind of experience, because if you’ve lived in another culture for any length of time, particularly as a child, it’s impossible not to realize that the North American way of doing things is just one way among many.

I also harboured romantic notions of intense family bonding, of us all learning a different language, and an escape from the harried, pressured existence that seems to be part of living where we live. My dream doesn’t seem likely to come true, but I came across the blog of a Canadian couple with two young children who just moved to Costa Rica for a year of living away from home, so now I can see what it might have been like. If you want to follow along too, here’s the link: Beating the Boom.

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Road Trip

65758158_eee2a579e2_tBig kid R is off to Toronto tomorrow to take part in Me To We day, put on by an organization called Free The Children.

R met the founder of Free The Children, Craig Kielburger, through a friend of Anthony’s. Craig started this organization when he was 12 years old, and it is now the world’s largest network of children helping children through education. It has built more than 450 schools around the world, and it’s primary goals are to free children from poverty and exploitation as well as to inspire young people to develop as socially conscious global citizens.

R went to their leadership camp for a week in the summer, and met many thoughtful, caring teenagers who are passionate about affecting positive change. He came home full of ideas and purpose.

He’s hoping to start some sort of grassroots movement here in Manitoba, similar to this one, or to develop a branch of this organization here.

I think that’s cool.

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