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Our Good Deed of the Month plan hasn’t quite worked out, mainly because I’m excellent at coming up with ideas, but less good with the following through bit. The only good deeds we’ve done so far this homeschool year have been several trips to the food bank, and one meal made for a sickly neighbor.

We went to the food bank today and sorted potatoes. The man who meets us and gives us our jobs each time has Bell’s Palsy, I think, because one side of his face droops. He’s irrepressibly earnest, which I honestly find a little hard to take, but he always makes the kids feel like they’re the best good-deed doers on the planet. He’s gentle, a little slow, and very, very kind, and he always makes a point of introducing us to everyone we cross paths with in the warehouse. In this way, the kids have met people that they would never have come across in their ordinary day. Many of them have disabilities, some are in wheelchairs, and I’m heartened to see that the kids aren’t taken aback by any of this. The first few times we went, they stared a little, but not anymore. I’m especially glad that they’ve had an experience with a not-perfectly-able-bodied person in a position of responsibility. All things considered, I think that they’re getting more out of our volunteering than the food bank is.

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I hate the mall. Really, really hate it. It’s too noisy, too crowded, other people walk too slowly, they keep crossing my path aimlessly so that I can’t make my usual beeline. The lights are flickery and make my skin look sallow. I hate all of the shopping. All of the STUFF that nobody really needs, all of the fashions that keep coming and going. I hate it so much that I haven’t been in at least a year.

But we went there today. All in the name of donating a couple of cans of food. Above is a picture of the kids in front of “the world” made out of canned tuna. There was also an airport, a house, a car, and some we couldn’t figure out.

We dropped off our donations, and took a couple of detours


before I was able to to get my grumpy self back home again.


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World Food Day….

is today, Tuesday October 16th.

Thought up by the United Nations as “an opportunity to reflect on how we can change the current system so that the world’s abundance is shared more fairly with those who are less fortunate.”

I’m going to take the kids to the mall this week to see the food banks’ “CANstruction” display, as part of the food drive going on this month. We’ll take some food donations, of course, but right now I’m racking my brain to think of something else I could do with the kids to raise their awareness and allow them an opportunity to help out.

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Spent the morning at a food bank. Got a tour, met some interesting people, and bagged lots of pasta. Both of the kids came out of the building with huge smiles on their faces, and brimming with ideas for other ways to offer our services. We decided to have a once/month Do Good Deeds Day. Jay (the little list-maker) got out the pad of paper and jotted down all of our ideas. We could only think of a few so far, so we would appreciate any other ideas that anyone has.

Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

  • volunteer at the food bank

  • pick up litter at the park

  • babysit for our neighbor

  • send a package to a family we’ve “adopted” in Africa

  • donate toys that we don’t use anymore

Any other ideas out there?

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