Folk Fest

Folk fest is one of the many great outings of the summer. We drive out to birds hill and spend the day running around listening to music and looking at all the hats and jewlery. Tee and I run around all day with our friends and we go get air brush tatoos, basicly freely running around with twenty dollars.
At the time of the picture I was lying down right after we moved our blanket closer to the main stage. Soon after that came the big main stage performances that everyone loves, plus the other stages are empty just calling for all the kids to go and play around on.
It was a great day.


Grand Beach

Yesterday was another great day at Grand Beach. We do not have any pictures so I am using one from last year.
The beach is fun for everyone, if your an adult you can read in the sun or shade enjoying being outside, and if you a kid there is games swimming exploring and so on. We drive out there in the morning and then we spend the entire day doing what ever we fell like and the leave when we want, there is no schedule we just plan our own day, that is one of the many great things about summer.


Cat Gymnastics

Moo is a great entertainment when he is in a playful mood and has string near by. At the time of this picture we were unknotting all the string we had and the floor was a string paradise for Moo. He wrapped several balls of string around him and rolled, clawed, and squirmed to his delight. It was a very good live entertainment that happened daily.
Yet another advantage of having a cat.


Fantastic Cakes

At our house if it’s your birthday you get a fanstastic cake. The one in the picture was for my tenth birthday, It looked very preety and tasted tarific. Sometimes it’s actually kind of difficult to eat your dessert when it’s so cute, but then you think how good it’s going to taste and you dig in. I sometimes think it would be amazing to have a cake so good everyday but then I realize it wouldn’t be a treat after awhile and I would probably get sick of it, so I eat it when it comes around but thats it.

This is last years cake for me. It’s name was sardonic bunny.


If you want to learn how to relax, Moo is the best teacher you can get. He someties has a miny adventure liking escaping to the outside world for three seconds and then we pull him back inside and he takes the rest of the day off so he can find a cozy spot and have a cat nap.
Most of the time when I walk in to the living room Moo is half awake on the couch, Or streached out on the floor. One of the best things about having moo as a cat I have had no probablem getting relaxed, because Moo is the best teacher anyone could have.


Levitation meditation, a pose on the bars at my school. A couple of my friends and I do a lot of flips and twists all over the play ground at our school, sucking out every last bit of fun that we can get out of the simple structure placed in the school ground. It is really fun and interesting thinking about what possible things you do on a metal bar or a small ladder.

Thats how I find a way to have fun at a place I don’t like, Jay

Fire Show

At camp when it was dark and the fire was big we would put sticks in the fire until they had embers on them, then we waved them in the air so it all looked like a drawing.
It was also very amusing to set a stick into flames then take it out of the fire and watch the stick burn in the red hot flames!
We did that almost every night, amusing are selfs with the wild fire.
It jumped and danced in the night air, eating the logs we fed it!
Biulding it higher and higher, we pushed it around till hot embers went flying into the cool night!
The fire also warmed us because the nights were chilly and we needed its warmth, and then we would go to are tents and fall asleep.

by Jay